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Specialized training is the heart of the transformation here at TRIBE. The three pillars to the training at TRIBE are Muay Thai, Strength and Conditioning, and Yoga. A combination of all three is offered to help you achieve your transformation in a holistic manner.

Muay Thai is a high intensity sport to enable your body to unleash powerful movements, increase your cardiovascular capabilities, and burn fat extremely fast. It is important to understand that Muay Thai anywhere will make you sweat, but real results will only come once you learn to channel your energy the right places. Therefore, we strongly believe in laying a solid foundation for you to get the right techniques and maximize results in the long run. At TRIBE we keep our Muay Thai classes small and focused, so our instructors can help you master the right techniques to gain strength and lose fat in the shortest time possible.

Strength and conditioning is not just about lifting weights, but a training method to intensively increase your agility, power, endurance, fat loss and cardio. Improving these core skills will enhance your athletic performance as a whole! Yoga is about the focus on the movements of your body to increase your body’s flexibility and respiration in a slower pace than Muay Thai. It helps your muscles recover through stretching and puts your mind at ease.

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